Writing a killer linkedin summary

It is staggering how many of these resumes are dull, ungrammatical, laden with typos and clearly factually incorrect. Here are just a few tips and observation for any communications pro to keep in mind when looking for that first job or looking to move up the ladder:

Writing a killer linkedin summary

More Stories I want to talk to you about LinkedIn. Oh, but I already know about LinkedIn, I hear you say. We all have a million and one things to be doing, and the digital world has adapted to that. What I can do is give you some practical tips to help get you started.

I want to focus on building your authority online. Schmoozing at networking events is no longer de rigueur. A great LinkedIn profile instils confidence in your abilities. Craft Your LinkedIn Profile. Everything on your LinkedIn profile should be reinforcing your personal brand.

Decide on your headline first. Your headline is the most distilled value statement you can muster, so pinning this down first will help you focus the rest of your efforts.

Once you have your headline, craft a strong LinkedIn profile summarywhich is your ultra-concentrated USP unique selling proposition. Connect With Your Peers. Actively look for connection opportunities.

writing a killer linkedin summary

Engage In The Community. The comment section of their content is always a hive of industry conversation and adding your own comments, questions and takeaway thoughts is a great way to build gravitas.

writing a killer linkedin summary

Join and participate in relevant Groups, too. Choose groups that have plenty of discussion on their wall, as opposed to purely promotional content. LinkedIn Contacts is a must-know tool for nurturing your network, too, allowing you to add tags and segment your connections, as well as showing you recent updates for each that act as an easy prompt to stay in touch.

Create Content On Pulse. Taking engagement a step further, actually creating content — as opposed to curating or commenting on it — is one of the most important things you can do to build gravitas.

The key to good content is to focus on delivering value to your audience — adding insight, solving their problems — rather than being self-promotional. LinkedIn is best thought of as relational tool, not a transactional one — so focus on giving, not getting. The best content you can write will add value to your audience, while reinforcing your expertise.

For example, if I was a Senior Finance Manager, I might write a piece with practical tips for navigating the latest regulatory changes. Key Points To Remember:A lot of people ask me why I suggest summary blurbs vs. copying and pasting full resume bullets.

There are a few reasons why I like this approach better: When people are browsing on LinkedIn, they’re probably not looking to read your full resume (that comes later). LinkedIn summary makeover. Land Your Next Executive Job 1 to 3 Months Faster.

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Michael Prichard takes the third-person approach to the LinkedIn Summary, one which allows for cross-posting on several platforms. Michael founded WillowTree Apps, Inc., a boutique apps and mobile web development company, in June WillowTree Apps is based in Charlottesville, VA and currently has an in-house team of 28+ including designers and developers.

Tips Get tips and advice for writing a perfect resume, including resume tips for online job applications and choosing a resume writer. Remember that writing truly is a process and that the value of quality writing lies within the progression of ideas.

When you thoughtfully build upon each step in the process, you might even surprise yourself by the depth of insight your conclusion yields.

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