Stutenzee writing a book

Read my review, and try using it as a model as you begin thinking about your own book review. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Review by Rodman Philbrick I've never been to Alabama, but novelist Harper Lee made me feel as if I had been there in the long, hot summer ofwhen a lawyer named Atticus Finch decided to defend an innocent black man accused of a horrible crime. The story of how the whole town reacted to the trial is told by the lawyer's daughter, Scout, who remembers exactly what it was like to be eight years old inin Maycomb, Alabama. Scout is the reason I loved this book, because her voice rings so clear and true.

Stutenzee writing a book

The blog for book reviews to accompany my history blog which also contains book reviews that deal with history. Literary Trolls If you think that writers or authors are a happy family, think again.

They may be part of one big writing family, but the family can be highly dysfunctional. Authors are in fact able to be vitriolic in their abuse of other writers albeit with some style. Unlike the often incoherent mutterings of common internet trolls, their comments come with truly horrendous barbs, sharp like scalpels, and honed like harpoons.

It can stand up to any comment a troll could place on a blog but its real sharpness comes from the fact that it hits so near to the truth. I hope you are able to appreciate style in crabbiness. The book is a treasure trove of crabby, cutting, churlish comments that are at the same time stylish and well directed.

The insults are all directed by writers at fellow writers. It covers just about everything from ancient classical authors to modern writers.

If you have a preference for venomous Victorians, feel free to start there. To any aspiring troll, though, it gives invaluable examples for truly cutting set-downs. Oscar Wilde famously said about Meredith: Or Thackery on Swift: Punch to persons about to marry.

Jane Austen is one of the most revered and enduring English authors. American writer Mark Twain was so irritated by her that he wrote in one letter: She has only two shin bones and brittle ones at that. Maybe you prefer to stay with the more refined poets that are more tender at heart.

Lord Byron described Keats' work as "neither poetry nor anything else but a Bedlam vision produced by raw pork and opium. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book from cover to cover.

If you are tempted to write comments on other writers' blogs or pages, it will most probably teach you to just shut up.Visit Yahoo Help. Yahoo Japan users - please visit Yahoo Help to learn how to add your email address.

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stutenzee writing a book

Going by what was accepted history writing years ago has the further drawback of plunging the author into the trap of tamely following the slanderous history writing commissioned by successors and survivors. Instead of originality, the book trudges tamely the way so many others have before it.

I liked writing in Evernote because it gave me quick access to my research Nicholas Carlson I just wrote a 93, word book. It's called Marissa Mayer and The Fight To Save Yahoo. Scrivener Book Writing Software When it comes to writing, most people either use the word processing program on their computer or Scrivener.

After hearing it mentioned so much in writing communities, I thought I better check it out. The Worst Couple In Media Is Writing A Book Lizza is best known for his long history of writing bland, studiously respectable studies of Washington power from millimeters left of center.

How to Write a Book: A Proven Step Guide from a Time Bestseller