Sheanut business plan

Nigeria is a leading producer of Shea nut and butter in the world.

Sheanut business plan

The procedure of production involves the following: Separation of unsuitable ones out of the batches.

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The sorted plantain sheanut business plan properly measured on the scale. In order to achieve easy peeling, in this process, the plantain will be soaked in hot water to soften the skin. A mechanical slicer will be used to slice the pulp. In this process, the sliced plantain will be dried g.

A hammer mill will be used to mill the dried sliced plantain. In this process, the flour is sieved to obtain the desired particle size. Finally the flour will be packaged in a moisture proof packaging material according to various measures.

This project requires you to put some things in place before take-off like: You might also need up to 58 personnel both skilled and casual in running this project.

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MARKET The most interesting aspect of plantain flour is that it has high demand both in the international and local market. This means, you can sell locally here in Nigeria and also export to African countries and other continents of the world.

You can make more profit if you are exporting it abroad. If you are a Nigerian and well established in Diaspora, you can embark on this project in Nigeria, and start importing the product to your country, thereby serving as both exporter and importer.

This will highly increase your profit in the business but it is important for you to check import regulation of the country of your residence.

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You can choose any of our solutions available to kick start your plantain flour production and export business. Note that this solutions are also applicable to other value added products like: This is an Online Coaching Programme which you can take anywhere you are in the world.

It is an interactive coaching session that gives you ability to ask us questions live and recieve immediate response. This training will take you through the whole procedure involved in Plantain Flour Productions and Export Business from raw material sourcing,productions,local and international marketing of plantain flour.

Contact us today to book for your online coaching programme. At the end of the training,we will give you our expert recommendations on the next step you need to take immediately.

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We will work hand-in-hand with you and give you quality consultation from setting up the business to getting buyers for your product both locally and internationally. You can contact us with our details for more information.Pita Pal sandwich restaurant business plan executive summary.

Pita Pal is a new restaurant strategically located in downtown Washington, PA, that serves fresh and healthy pita sandwiches.3/5(27). Locals in Pader, Kitgum and Agago also harvest shea fruits from the trees and sell it locally, with a few business men exploiting the gap.

In West Nile the trees are also unregulated. A ll Shea butter investors: cosmetics, Shea butter exporters, end users, etc. can now get large quantity of Shea butter in the FCT at Abuja Enterprise Agency at an affordable price.

You can also call , for your order. Apr 11,  · Shea nut production is slowly increasing as Uganda recovers from years of conflict (CNN) -- In northern Uganda, Sarah Omollo, like hundreds of other women, rises early each day to collect shea nuts.

Albarka Sheanut Women Marketers Cooperative society Limited. 1 like. Albarka Women Marketers is an apex body with the aim of helping rural women who have.

sheanut business plan

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