My experience in america

My Life Experience in America Experience is the best teacher. In everything we do, we can learn from it. Life changing experiences happen every day.

My experience in america

I came to Winona State University in the fall of and transferred to St. My first quarter in Winona, I had a roommate named Mike. The day after I arrived, he asked me if I wanted a pop.

Back home we refer to carbonated drinks as "cold drinks. I said, very politely, "No thank you, I am not hungry. The waitress handed me an aluminum can. Now, back home we have only bottled pop drinks, and the only time I was exposed to a can was on airplanes.

However, those cans were a bit different because one could open it by pulling on the foil tab, which came off. Imagine my distress as I tried to use the same technique at the restaurant.

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Obviously, the tab would not come My experience in america while I struggled with the can, and I spilled pop all over the table. My fellow Bangladeshi students and a few others at the nearby tables got a good laugh out of this. Finally, one of them showed me how to use that contraption.

The biggest culture shock that I received was also in that first week at Winona. I was in the shower of our all-male dormitory, and when I was toweling off, I heard this female voice asking, "Anybody in here?

But how could that be?

My experience in america

So, I mustered up all the manliness in my voice and said, "Yes I was utterly speechless. I shivered in the cold shower while they took their time. Bangladeshi cuisine is definitely spicier and usually hotter as in hot pepper, etc.

I have conveyed this to my American friends whenever we have talked about cuisine. He had told his mother all these horror stories about how I craved "hot" food. So, when it was time for Sunday brunch, I found out how Ginger Mom had decided to whet my appetite. She baked some spicy enchilada-like dish, and in it she had used one full ounce can of jalapeno peppers!!!

Talk about hot--this thing was burning. Long live hot food. My first encounter with snow we do not get any in Bangladesh was during the end of fall of in Winona. I came out of my dorm one morning, and it was snowing!

It seemed like a shower of little white feathers. I tried to catch them, but they would melt away almost instantly--so light, so soft, and so white. I walked around campus and it was hardly cold. Everything seemed quieter and softer.

If I ever go to heaven and have a chance to have a window with a view, this would probably be one of the scenes I would like to see. For the past five years, Minnesota has been my home away from home. During this time, I have had my share of laughs and tears, achievements and disappointments.

But in looking back on all these years, I can say today that if I had to do it all over again This magazine is produced by the Write Place and is funded through a St.Apr 17,  · It’s been my dream for years to immigrate to the United States.

Originally from the United Kingdom, I was attracted to America’s embrace of freedom, capitalism, and proud traditions of liberty. However, while in college my brother invited me to America.

My life experience in America has been a different story before marriage, during marriage, and after marriage.

My experience in america

Before I got married, I came to United States of America on 1st June, , to visit my brother, and his family. Jul 09,  · America's Got Talent - My audition experience - Duration: Divadym views.

ALL 5 GOLDEN BUZZER Britain's Got Talent - Duration: Len Ken 41,, views. Speaking of pop, my very first night at WSU, the veteran Bangladeshi students took me to a restaurant right across campus named "Papa John's." I ordered my meal and finally asked for a Pepsi.

The waitress handed me an aluminum can. Now, back home we have only bottled pop drinks, and the only time I was exposed to a can was on airplanes. Stealing America: What My Experience with Criminal Gangs Taught Me About Obama, Hillary and the Democratic Party [Dinesh D'Souza] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

WHY HILLARY, OBAMA, AND THE ENTIRE DEMOCRATIC PARTY ARE NO BETTER THAN A GANG OF THIEVES In the fall of /5(). Disclaimers: (1) I am not a medical professional, nor a CBD expert.

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The goal of this post is to share information about CBD and my personal experience with it. I did my best research and fact-checking for accuracy. (2) I was .

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