Marketing flying cars

A combination airplane and motor car is coming. You may smile, but it will come. While this sounds like something from science fiction, or a James Bond movie, there are a number of different companies working on perfecting flying cars.

Marketing flying cars

The Terrafugia Master Plan Nobody ever told me that making a flying car would be easy.

Flying Lessons PDF How far away is this future of unlimited aerial mobility?
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How far away is this future of unlimited aerial mobility? A delicious sundae from Ben and Jerry's is shown, with a blurry background of an airplane.

I must admit that the challenge is part of the fascination for me, but its more than just a desire to solve difficult problems. Like many pilots and engineers before me, I want to make personal aviation a bigger part of everyones life not so much for the romance of it, but rather because I know it has the potential to be so much more useful than it is today.

I believe that progress comes when we empower individuals to do more, and if we could give each person the freedom of personal flight, we could empower the individual like never before. My goal is to make personal aviation a practical transportation option for everyone to turn the dream of the flying car from science fiction into reality.

The barriers to accomplishing this vision are substantial. Aircraft are much more expensive than cars. They are made in low volumes with a lot of manual labor and expensive materials. In addition, pilots today require extensive training which is expensive and time consuming to obtain.

Vehicles which can be flown with significantly less training, while theoretically possible, have never been demonstrated at a size that could safely carry a person while meeting or exceeding the minimum acceptable level of safety of general aviation GAand they certainly have never been certified by the FAA.

Some of the standards to which these vehicles will have to be certified havent even been written yet. And beyond these practical regulatory and technical barriers, it would be dangerous to take off and land in many convenient locations there are practical infrastructure constraints.

But most of all, many people today simply do not see the potential empowerment that personal flight could bring to their lives. A large fraction of the general public is scared of the very idea of a practical flying car not just of flying in one themselves, but of the idea of thousands of small aircraft flying over their homes.

We need to demonstrate how much better life could be with practical flying cars. There is precedent for how this type of societal change can happen.

Marketing flying cars

When cars were first introduced in the late s, they were mostly a novelty for the rich. Assembly line production techniques eventually brought the vehicles within economic reach of the middle class, and a combination of widespread public relations investments, regulatory changes, and infrastructure investments allowed the automobile industry to explode and forever change mass personal transportation.

With time, such a change can happen again. The long time scale of this type of change is a major barrier unto itself historical precedent suggests that this sort of large-scale societal change takes on the order of a generation to become fully integrated into the mainstream.

Terrafugia has developed a strategy that acknowledges the reality of the time scale for grand change while still demonstrating meaningful progress on a practical, investable, time scale. We have divided the ultimate goal of creating a practical flying car for everyone into three significant, individually investable, steps: Bring a GA aircraft to market that provides meaningful new value to the existing pilot population while allowing our company to demonstrate to non-pilots that this platform could be more useful than a car in certain cases, and much easier to operate than many non-pilots would expect.

This first step should offer new capabilities to both pilots and non-pilots, but it should not require significant regulatory change and no infrastructure change should be needed.

This step demonstrates to the public that flying cars can be safe and useful while allowing our company to build operational experience. Step one is the Terrafugia Transition. Develop a second product for a larger market that is enabled by simplified flight technology: VTOL vehicles for urban short-range travel.

This step will require some more meaningful regulatory and infrastructure change, and we will work with other industry leaders to make the investments necessary to open this new market.

Expanding outside the scope of the existing GA market is key to harnessing the financial resources that will be needed to effect broad societal change. This product will be highly specialized and will be one of many in an emerging competitive landscape, but the vehicle development itself should still be as small an investment as is practical to achieve a meaningful fraction of this new market.

While this new market may rely on some new infrastructure and regulation, it should not rely on low Technology Readiness Level TRL technology. Uber, Airbus, and other powerful corporations are already working on early stage concepts that target this market opportunity, but it will be many years before they become a reality.

Develop a third product that more closely resembles the pop-culture vision of a flying car. Think Blade Runner or Back to the Future. This vehicle would incorporate technology that is at a low TRL level or even non-existent today. The market for this third product would dwarf both earlier markets due to the new capabilities that will be enabled by the new technology, but it faces significant technology, regulation, and infrastructure barriers today.

This third step is the one that will bring the flying car to the masses, but it will only be possible after the first two steps have been achieved.How Corporate Marketers Use Event DataData and KPIs gathered from events are not only used to improve the experiences, but also to inform wider marketing strategies and planning.

November 16, Corporate marketers use event data to improve event portfolios and experiences in a variety ways, according to a study from Freeman and Chief Marketer. The Flying Car Nanodegree program is a specialized program for aerial vehicles. The focus will be on developing the skills to build an autonomous aircraft system, with a focus on quadrotors/5(65).

While it may seem like a bit of a novelty these days, the era of the autonomous car is fast approaching. And the implications for business, marketing and everyday life are astounding.

2 Flying Car Company Marketing Plan for The Flying Car April _____ Purpose of Marketing Plan The purpose of this marketing plan is to focus branding efforts on selling The Flying Car and yielding a profit for our company.

Terrafugia is building the TF-X, a vehicle that will be able to transform from car to plane and back. According to the company, it will be ready for market by “ Flying Cars and drones are the future of transportation, and they will massively change the world.

Autonomous systems are the key to this future. Autonomous systems are the key to this future. Graduates will be immediately qualified to /5(63).

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