Ir sources of power in bangladesh

Front end[ edit ] Waste from the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle is usually alpha-emitting waste from the extraction of uranium. It often contains radium and its decay products.

Ir sources of power in bangladesh

General Armenian-Russian uranium joint venture liquidated Russia is not interested in Armenian uranium any more. The justification shows that the company engaged in geological and exploration works and it completed its task. As a result it was found out that there are not sufficient uranium reserves on the territory of Armenia.

Sergey Kirienko, Chairman of "Rosatom" announced about the perspective of uranium development in Armenia assessing about thousand tons of uranium reserves. Russia invested 3 million dollars in the initial stage of the work. The company had a license of exploration until The works continued from until in Syunik region on the area of Lernadzor village.

After numerous protest actions, as well as fire-raising by unknown persons the company ceased its operation. According to independent experts who had access to the closed documents, the uranium reserves were assessed long ago, and the maps were formed still in the Soviet times by the members of the so-called "Gromov" and "Koltsov" expeditions.

These funds will secure geoprospecting of uranium reserves in the territory of Armenia. This decision challenges many statements made by officials that resumption of works within uranium program in Lernadzor in fall are the final part of uranium geoprospecting and, that most probably Armenia has no uranium reserves.

Under him, last year the company conducted drilling works and detected uranium reserves in the republic are insufficient for commercial interest. Altogether he noted the works are still in progress. Responding to the Parliament member Zaruhi Postanjyan's question, Armenian Minister of Energy and Nature Protection Armen Movsisyan admitted that the company discovered uranium near the village of Lernadzor.

The Minister stressed that the uranium reserves must be specified before the advisability of exploring the deposit can be discussed. Environmentalists say that uranium exploitation will harm the environment and the health of those people who live near the mine.

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As a result of the uranium exploitation, the ecosystem of the region will be damaged, say opponents. Addressing the protestors Vache Grigoryan said that local administration will struggle against ongoing prospecting for uranium as well. Among other complaints, the NGO says records of a public hearing on the issue were falsified.

Meanwhile, Armen Movsisyan, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, who assures that the mining will not put the village residents' life at stake, and that the works are carried out according to the legislation of Armenia, on October 27 stated at the National Assembly that uranium resources had not been found as a result of current searches.

An authorized protest action against the ongoing prospecting for uranium in Lernadzor will be held in Kapan, southern Armenia.

An action group was formed of those opposing uranium explorations. The protest action will be held in front of the Kapan Culture Centre, at 5: Syunik Governor Surik Khachatryan was enraged at the news and decided to prevent the action himself.

According to some information, the Governor carried out "explanatory" work with the local population and NGOs to prevent their participation in the action.

However, the environmentalists are determined to fight back to the ropes. They plan to address a letter to the aerial cableway project managers to prevent uranium mine development programs.

But the energy minister, who himself hails from the area, says uranium mining is safe if done properly and will only benefit the province economically. But this week the council of elders in the town of Kapan turned to the National Assembly and the Government and urged them to cancel the uranium prospecting work in Syunik.

Talking to ArmeniaNow, Kapan-based Khustup Environmental NGO President Vladik Martirosyan said that even without uranium mines the area faces serious environmental problems connected with the local mining industry.

In his view, developing uranium mines is senseless for a small country like Armenia. The field which is being looked into is located in-between the towns of Kapan and Kajaran, in the close vicinity of the village of Lernadzor, near the river Voghji.

Environmentalists say this location only magnifies the environmental risks. ArmeniaNow June 25, Biodiversity of Armenia's protected areas to suffer also from uranium mining, NGO says Armenian environmentalists say that control is not properly taken over special protected areas in Armenia, and their biodiversity is periodically damaged by human factor, affecting three state preserves, four national parks and 27 nature preserves.

She points at the increase in flora and fauna species in the Red Book of Endangered Species of Armenia, as well as cases of active exploitation of the protected areas. Of course, the mine is not in a special protected area, but it is near the area, and the whole negative effect [of the exploitation process] goes to the special protected area," Danielyan says.

Aram Aghasyan, head of the department of specially protected areas, Bio-resources Management Agency under the Ministry of Nature Protection, says that in Syunik province, where Shikahogh State Preserve is also located, research works are held only in uranium mines to check the uranium reserves; and those examinations are not dangerous.

Armenia Now May 4, Protest widening against proposed uranium mine in Armenia A protest movement against a planned Russian-Armenian uranium mine in southern Armenia appears to be picking up steam, with discussions underway with three political parties about a partnership.

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The mine, a joint venture between Armenia and Russia, will be located in the mineral-rich region of Syunik, already the home to two copper and molybdenum mining operations.

But local residents, including inhabitants of the nearby regional capital, Kapan, and the mining town of Kajaran fear the consequences.General Uranium found in Bangladesh Chief scientific officer of Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC) Dr AKM Fazle Kabria on Saturday (Dec.

Ir sources of power in bangladesh

5) said uranium of ppm has been found in Sylhet and Moulvibazar areas. He, however, said this is still at the study and research level whether this uranium will be commercially extractable or not.

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Line-Interactive UPS systems provide both battery backup and automatic voltage regulation of AC power (boost/cut) to give a greater amount of power protection than a Stand-By UPS. General Uranium found in Bangladesh Chief scientific officer of Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC) Dr AKM Fazle Kabria on Saturday (Dec.

5) said uranium of ppm has been found in Sylhet and Moulvibazar areas. He, however, said this is still at the study and research level whether this uranium will be commercially extractable or not.

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