How to write a letter to a penpal for the first time

If you're contacting a pen pal for the first time, make sure you let him know where you found his details and include at least a few questions in your correspondence to encourage reciprocal banter. All About You Start by introducing yourself. This is your opportunity to share the most interesting or quirkiest things about you. Tell him about your tap-dancing prowess, your stamp collection that's been 10 years in the making or your mad skills with knitting needles.

How to write a letter to a penpal for the first time

how to write a letter to a penpal for the first time

Igor Stevanovic You could be the most conversational person in the world, but given a blank piece of paper and a pen with the exciting yet daunting task of writing to a new pen pal, anyone could be at a loss for words. So, how do you go about writing that all-important first letter?

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I have gathered together some of my best tips below, to make the task a lot easier. Cover the essential information Depending on how much contact you have had online or in person beforehand, make sure your new friend knows your name, your age, your gender, and where you live in the world.

Then tell them about a couple of your hobbies and interests, or perhaps about your family — whatever you fancy sharing at the time. Tell your pen pal where you found their details This one might not apply if you found your new penpal on a website which uses internal messaging, but if you found their profile and address somewhere else, let them know where.

This is very obvious, as it includes no questions specific to their likes and dislikes, and the chances of getting a reply would be very slim.

Be creative!

Ask your pen pal some questions Photo credit: Mention what you have in common The chances are, you chose your new penfriend because you have something in common with each other — be that a fondness for jazz music, vegetarianism, a dog obsession, or a positive outlook on life.

Mention this common ground in your first letter to grow a feeling of familiarity, and to learn more about the topic from their perspective when they reply. Add a little extra Pop something in with your letter to give it an extra dimension, if you fancy — perhaps a photograph or newspaper clipping of your town, the view from where you sit down to write letters, or even a tea bag if your pen pal lives abroad.

Take a look at this article for 50 ideas of things you can put inside an envelope with your penpal letters. Good luck and happy penpalling!

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My childhood saw me carrying around a little red briefcase covered in stickers and full of pens, paper and other such goodies; my adulthood sees me doing pretty much exactly the same!When you're writing to a new pen pal, you don't want to tell him everything there is to know about you all at once -- save some juicy stuff to share in future letters -- but you’ll want to give enough information to suggest whether the two of you are compatible as pen pals and to intrigue him to want to learn more.

Once you have one, writing letters doesn't come naturally to everyone, so it may take a bit of time and practice to learn how to write interesting letters to your pen pal. Getting Started Make a list of your hobbies and interests.

I find sometimes the shorter the letter, the more quickly I write back, whereas I need to dedicate a certain amount of time to some pen pals because I know I’ll be writing four or five pages or more, but it’ll all depend on your relationship with your pen pal.

Aug 10,  · First Penpal Letter! Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel! Today I will be sharing with you some tips and ideas on writing your first letter to your new penpal!

In this first letter you have the chance to present yourself in a way that your future penpal should think you are a person worth to be known.

Don't ruin your only possibility of making a very good impression of yourself by writing an uninteresting, awfully boring text or a letter of a very poor quality.

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Nov 16,  · Don’t expect a reply overnight. Wait at least two weeks for a reply. If your pen pal doesn’t write back within two weeks, send them another letter or -- assuming you have their email address -- an email.

Many people are used to instantaneous communication, like texting and phones, and consider writing letters as a waste of time%().

how to write a letter to a penpal for the first time
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