External analysis for dialog telekom sri

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External analysis for dialog telekom sri

Operations Coporate Social Resposibilities Corporate Social Responsibility CSR is a culture by itself for Dialog Telekom that drives them on visioning to empower all Sri Lankans equitably, integrating resources, values and ethics across economic, social, cultural and traditional boundaries.

It is integral part of their business in whatever they do, plan and believe.

Their CSR initiatives are applied within a local context, which implies that they balance their core business case with community needs. Technology for CSR to create services and products with high social value There are so many successful and effective CSR projects that have been initiated by Dialog Telekom.

It can be used to issue customized alerts to selected recipients instantaneously, and is compliant with the internationally accepted alerting protocol — CAP. Dialog Telekom Limited has identified a great opportunity to use its infrastructure and core competencies to bridge the divide in level of education between the urban and rural areas.

As an entirely non-commercial exercise Dialog partnered with the Ministry of Education to build the Digital Bridge. The Digital Bridge enables lectures conducted at a central location to be transmitted live to remote schools, and for the teachers and students to interact, creating a virtual classroom.

A teaching studio has been established at the ministry specifically for the purpose. It starts by giving a basic overview of Dialog Telecom Limited, its operations and performance.

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Then the internal environment analysis gives a view of its resources, structure and processes while financial analysis included in the same shows the current standing of the company in terms of financials. Finally all levels of strategies have been recommended together with programs required to implement those.

It also includes evaluation steps required to assess the success of strategy implementation in Dialog Telekom and how controlling can take place. In addition to its core mobile telephony business, the company provides international services, supporting an International Gateway infrastructure providing retail and wholesale international voice and data services under the brand name of Dialog Global.

External analysis for dialog telekom sri

Dialog Telekom has clearly defined vision, mission, corporate values and goals as given below. The deliverance of the best product in the market place through leadership in customer service, product quality, provision and adaptation to emerging technologies and convergence with the internet.

Achievement of leadership in terms of economically effective subscriber base, brand recognition, consumer first choice and ownership of heart and mind share of Sri Lankan consumers The achievement of leadership in term of management practices, internal strengths, competitive resilience and quality of empowered resources, through adaptation of best practices and the active pursuit in new business in which corporate strengths could be exploited in the interest of growing the value of the company some more needed to be added Internal Environment Analysis 7S model has been used as a primary tool to analyse the internal environment Strategy Dialog strategies are visible in the company's corporate, business and functional levels.

They have already diversified their business across many areas during the last few years.

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For instance, by acquiring MTT, Dialog managed to strengthen it's transmission backbone. In addition to reach the customer, Dialog has created many alliances with other business corporations. Cargills-Dialog alliance to allow Cargills customers to settle Dialog bills is just one such example.

The business plan is formulated at the beginning of the year considering main objectives of the company. The progress of each project is monitored in a monthly basis through different strategic committee meetings. Among them, the Dialogs initiative to setup the Dialog Research Lab at the University of Moratuwa is of importance, because it effectively enabled Dialog to provide tailor made solutions to the local market.

External analysis for dialog telekom sri

Nokia phones with Sinhala language support and Tsunami warning system for mobiles are just to name a few such examples. These technology initiatives can be considered as a strategy used to capture the market by effectively saying ahead from the competition in the technology and innovation sphere.

The Board has the power to appoint executive directors including the CEO. Divisional structure can be identified in company level but performances of the divisions are measured through different strategic committees.

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Systems Apart from the technical back bone, Dialog uses several systems to execute their business strategies successfully.Keywords: dialog swot analysis Dialog Telekom PLC (The Company) operates Sri Lanka's largest and fastest growing telecommunication network - Dialog GSM.

Dialog Telekom is one of the largest companies listed under the Colombo Stock Exchange. Next the external environment of Dialog Telkom has been analyzed based on PESTEL factors and Five Forces Model. in the empowerment and enrichment of Sri Lankan Lives and Enterprises regardbouddhiste.com Telekom Limited Executive Summary This is a case analysis for Dialog Telekom Limited/5(5).

Regulation and FDI: Sri Lankan Telecommunications IndustryCase AnalysisDialog Telekom LimitedExecutive SummaryThis is a case analysis for Dialog Telekom Limited, the Premier Mobile Telecommunication Company inSri Lanka, based on the strategic management regardbouddhiste.com starts by giving a basic overview of Dialog Telecom .

Contents Executive Summary 2 Company Background 3 Issues Faced 6 Competitor Analysis 7 Porters Five Force Model 9 PEST Analysis 13 Factors responsible for. Company Background 3 Issues Faced 6 Competitor Analysis 7 Porters Five Force Model 9 PEST Analysis 13 Factors responsible for Dialog’s Decline 16 Strategies 19 Strategies implemented by Dialog 20 SWOT Analysis 23 Conclusion 25 Reference 26 Executive Summary Dialog Telekom PLC is a Malaysian based MNC functioning in Sri Lanka.

Dialog Telekom PLC is Sri Lanka’s leading mobile telecommunications service provider with more than million subscribers and a market share of around 42% in (Exhibit-3) In , Dialog was awarded a year license to provide cellular telecommunications services by 5/5(3).

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