Explain how and why the populist

Agricultural areas in the West and South had been hit by economic depression years before industrial areas. In the s, as drought hit the wheat-growing areas of the Great Plains and prices for Southern cotton sunk to new lows, many tenant farmers fell into deep debt. This exacerbated long-held grievances against railroads, lenders, grain-elevator owners, and others with whom farmers did business.

Explain how and why the populist

Trump on Michigan and Mississippi wins: Trump appears to be a racist, so racism must be what motivates his armies of followers. Conservatives have written them; liberals have written them; impartial professionals have written them.

The Trump movement is a one-note phenomenon, a vast surge of race-hate. Its partisans are not only incomprehensible, they are not really worth comprehending.

Last week, I decided to watch several hours of Trump speeches for myself.

Explain how and why the populist

I saw the man ramble and boast and threaten and even seem to gloat when protesters were ejected from the arenas in which he spoke. I was disgusted by these things, as I have been disgusted by Trump for 20 years. But I also noticed something surprising.

In each of the speeches I watched, Trump spent a good part of his time talking about an entirely legitimate issue, one that could even be called leftwing.

Yes, Donald Trump talked about trade. In fact, to judge by how much time he spent talking about it, trade may be his single biggest concern — not white supremacy.

Not even his plan to build a wall along the Mexican border, the issue that first won him political fame. He did it again during the debate on 3 March: It seems to obsess him: Trump embellished this vision with another favorite leftwing idea: Trump extended the critique to the military-industrial complex, describing how the government is forced to buy lousy but expensive airplanes thanks to the power of industry lobbyists.

The chance that he will actually do so, of course, is small. He appears to be a hypocrite on this issue as well as so many other things. But at least Trump is saying this stuff. Trump is supposed to be on a one-note crusade for whiteness. Could it be that all this trade stuff is a key to understanding the Trump phenomenon?

Republican and Democratic leaders alike agree on this, and no amount of facts can move them from their Econ dream.

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Well, here is a video of a company moving its jobs to Mexico, courtesy of Nafta. This is what it looks like. His information about all of them losing their jobs.

Either he is one, or as the comedian John Oliver puts it he is pretending to be one, which amounts to the same thing. But there is another way to interpret the Trump phenomenon.

It is worth noting that Trump is making a point of assailing that Indiana air conditioning company from the video in his speeches. Here is the most salient supporting fact: I am referring to a study just published by Working Americaa political-action auxiliary of the AFL-CIO, which interviewed some 1, white working-class voters in the suburbs of Cleveland and Pittsburgh in December and January.

Support for Donald Trump, the group found, ran strong among these people, even among self-identified Democrats, but not because they are all pining for a racist in the White House.

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Left parties the world over were founded to advance the fortunes of working people. The working people that the party used to care about, Democrats figured, had nowhere else to go, in the famous Clinton-era expression. Ill-considered trade deals and generous bank bailouts and guaranteed profits for insurance companies but no recovery for average people, ever — these policies have taken their toll.

Our infrastructure is falling apart … Our airports are, like, Third World. Yet still we cannot bring ourselves to look the thing in the eyes.

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We cannot admit that we liberals bear some of the blame for its emergence, for the frustration of the working-class millions, for their blighted cities and their downward spiraling lives.

So much easier to scold them for their twisted racist souls, to close our eyes to the obvious reality of which Trumpism is just a crude and ugly expression:Kobi Libii and The Opposition took brief clips from different parts of our conference and edited.

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Steven F. Lawson was a Fellow at the National Humanities Center in He holds a Ph.D. in American History from Columbia University and is currently Professor of History at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. Why are so many of us prepared to vote for populist leaders? Our social natures help to explain the power of populist politicians.

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