Does an electrolyte behave like a resistor essay

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Does an electrolyte behave like a resistor essay

The differential cutout contacts are closed using the a Voltage coil only c Both voltage and current coils The indication of a short circuit in the remote ammeter shunt is that the a Generator fails to come online b Generator failure warning light remains on c Generator operates normally but the ammeter reads zero With a rising generator voltage in a DC generation system the a Undervolts relay closes before the differential relay b Differential relay closes before the undervolts relay c Undervolts and differential relays operate independently 1.

Inductance in a circuit smoothes the: An Increase in frequency in an inductive circuit will result in: A decrease in current flow. The symbol X means total: Two Equal voltages out of phase by degrees would equal: At Resonance in an RCL circuit, total impedance equals total: The Voltage vectors for a series resonant circuit are: One single vector 7.

In an Inductance at saturation, the impedance is: A gas filled valve is recognised in a circuit diagram by a: Black dot inside the symbol. The RMS value of a sine wave is: An auto transformer has: In an AC circuit, apparent power is calculated from: Two in phase voltages may be represented by: A lagging power factor may be improved by: In an isolating transformer, if the secondary current is increased the primary current will: To measure current in a circuit, how is the ammeter connected?

In series with the load. What does a voltmeter measure? Both supply voltages and volts drops across the circuit.

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What is the resistance of an ammeter? Low to prevent a large volts drop across it. How is a voltmeter connected?

What is the resistance of a voltmeter? High, so little current passes through it. What is the force acting on a meter, which moves the pointer over a scale? What force returns the pointer to zero?

What force in a meter opposes the deflecting force?

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When does the damping force in a meter operate? Only when the pointer is moving. What does the damping force do? Prevents oscillation of the pointer. In a moving coil meter, what is the deflecting force provided by? A current carrying coil pivoted in a permanent magnetic field.

In a moving coil meter, what does the deflecting force do?

Does an electrolyte behave like a resistor essay

Increases, with an increase in current through the coil.Like an arc, it has a beginning, a bow, and a tip. The beginning of this arc is the invention of lithography in , the bowof the arc is the invention of photolithography in , and the tip of the arc coincides with the develop- ment of semiconductor lithography in the s and culminates in the state.

Prepare 5 slides of about 20 words each for a power point presentation that you would like to make on Conservation of Nature. Derive the relation between Van’t Hoff’s factor and the degree of dissociation of an electrolyte. Define Maintainability and state its significance.

[2] How does a system, designed with fail safe design.

Does an electrolyte behave like a resistor essay

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you should be symmetric many dilatory is you are at an grand essay . The variable resistor: Even with the use of a variable resistor the current constantly fluctuated. Not being able to keep the current constant can affect the rate of the reactions.

Therefore a more accurate resistor could have been used; however this was not available at the time of the experiment.

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