Critical thinking assessment test tennessee tech

Given the billions to be made on student data, especially social emotional data, it is interesting and concerning that NWEA still has not signed the national SIIA privacy pledge to protect and not sell personal student data. Does NWEA profit from, lease, rent, sell, or trade for services student data?

Critical thinking assessment test tennessee tech

Preparation First, ensure that all students have created individual Twitter accounts and that each student will have access to an Internet-connected device. For those uncomfortable with using Twitter in the classroom, or for teachers in schools that block access to Twitter, here are some alternatives, all of which are free, and some of which do not require individual accounts: The room is accessible via a link on the Web.

It takes two minutes to set up the room, and it's an easy discussion or brainstorming space for students. It allows you to create a password-protected virtual chat room. The room is shared with a simple link and can be set up within minutes, even from an iPad. Setup for the administrator takes longer because it does require an account, but it gives you the ability to moderate the chat and embed it into a Web site.

Select ones relevant to what students have been studying in class. In case students guess the answers quickly, have a relatively large number of people and events ready. If you decide to add to the challenge by having kids serve as quizmasters, write the people and events on slips of paper and place them in a bowl for random selection by students.

Also decide if you will award prizes to winners.

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Consider awarding prizes both for correct guesses and for the best or most creative sets of clues, since good clues require deep understanding of history content.

Then choose one of the following activity options and adapt them to suit the size and climate of your class: The teacher tweets clues, and the entire class guesses. Add a level of collaboration by having students form teams.

First student or team to guess correctly wins. Students are divided into teams of three or four, and each team gets a chance to tweet clues, based on the historical figure, event or period the team selects from the bowl. Teams should make sure to show the teacher the correct answer before they begin tweeting clues about it.

During each game, the remaining students they also can be divided into teams if you like guess. Next, create a hashtag for each game.

You may want to use a numbering system to keep track of them. An example hashtag for guessing game 1 in Mr. It is important to remember that these hashtags will be public. As such, when students begin using them, their friends will be able to see them.

It is unlikely that the hashtags will be trolled, since this activity would be public. You will, however, want to monitor them.

Critical thinking assessment test tennessee tech

If you are using an alternative to Twitter, simply set up a chat room on your chosen platform and provide the link to students. Lesson Explain to students that Twitter has changed the way people communicate today. But what if this technology had existed in the past? Imagine Colonial Americans tweeting about their lives, or think about what the Twitter feed of someone like Napoleon might have looked like.

How many followers would Socrates have amassed?

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Divide students into teams as needed, get everyone logged in and describe how the game will proceed. If applicable, provide the list of hashtags on a dry-erase board or projection screen. Make sure to erase already-used hashtags as the games proceed, so that students can always see the most current one.

Critical thinking assessment test tennessee tech

These platforms will not place a character limit on the length of clues, so remind quizmaster students to keep their clues brief.

Prior to playing, it might be helpful to run through a few examples with students. If students will be providing clues, remind them that their clues should be neither too easy nor too hard, and have them do planning on paper prior to beginning the game.

Decide whether you will allow students to use textbooks or other sources in order to plan their clues. Here are a few sample clues and answers: I am a famously conservative politician.Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state.

The California Critical Thinking Skills Test (CCTST) is a discipline neutral assessment for Undergraduate and Graduate level students or comparable population groups. It is trusted worldwide as a valid, objective and reliable measure of core reasoning skills.

About CCTST: CALIFORNIA CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS TEST (INSIGHT ASSESSMENT) TTU General Education Learning Outcomes Exit Exam. Founded in , Insight Assessment supports thinking well by providing world class instruments to measure those core critical thinking skills and habits of mind essential for reflective .

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Subjects English --Creative writing History --U.S. history --World history Digital Literacy Grade Brief Description Students use history knowledge, critical thinking and digital literacy skills to tweet clues and guess the historical figure, period or event related to those clues.

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