Best copy editing services

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Best copy editing services

best copy editing services

You may also want to look at Using copy-editors and proofreaders. Click any of the frequently asked questions below to see the corresponding answer. Copy-editing takes the raw material the 'copy': The aim of copy-editing is to ensure that whatever appears in public is accurate, easy to follow, fit for purpose and free of error, omission, inconsistency and repetition.

What does a copy-editor do? If you have something to say or show, a copy-editor helps you to do that effectively. A professional copy-editor begins by checking that the copy is complete. Do the chapter titles and other elements match the list of contents?

Are all the illustrations to hand? Is there a list of captions?

best copy editing services

What system of referencing is required? Are there footnotes or endnotes? Then the editor cleans up a copy of the document, fixes page set-up, spacing and fonts, cuts unwanted formatting, creates a stylesheet and starts to identify problems.

Working through the material, the copy-editor corrects errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, style and usage, but also very long sentences and overuse of italic, bold, capitals, exclamation marks and the passive voice. They correct or query doubtful facts, weak arguments, plot holes and gaps in numbering.

In fiction, they also check that characters haven't changed their name or hair colour, look for sudden changes from first to third person and monitor the timeline, among other things. At the same time, the copy-editor is also looking at the bigger picture: Content and structure — Is anything missing or redundant?

Is the order logical? Are the headings doing their job? Could supporting material go in an appendix?

Click each picture below Scholarly books and journals Within the publishing environment, editors of scholarly books are of three main types, each with particular responsibilities:
How We Chose the Best Photo Editing Software Programs After having used other editorial services, those offered by Book Editing Associates was what I hoped all the others had been.
Editing - Wikipedia After having used other editorial services, those offered by Book Editing Associates was what I hoped all the others had been.
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Expert editors. Careful processing You may also want to look at Using copy-editors and proofreaders. Click any of the frequently asked questions below to see the corresponding answer.

Is a bibliography needed? Should there be a glossary? Are clickable links needed? Information chunks — This depends on the readership, the material and the means of access e. Headings also break up text and make it more digestible: If there are too many levels of subhead, the structure may need rethinking.

Typesetting may affect line length, and the copy-editor will know how to allow for this. Illustrations, graphs and tables — Images ought to support the text, with self-explanatory labels and captions that match.

Text should comment on the data in graphs or tables, not just repeat it. The copy-editor advises the typesetter on the location of each element, checks that all the artwork is suitable for printing or reproduction on the web and notes the existence of permissions and wording of acknowledgements.

Wording — Is the language pitched at the right level for the likely readers? Do any terms or abbreviations need explaining? Are tone, style and vocabulary appropriate? Do they add authority, or undermine the writer? Of course, language changes constantly and context is all, but copy-editors are aware of informed opinion on what is acceptable and what is best practice.

George Orwell's six rules for writers, in his essay 'Politics and the English language', remain the basis of good wording.Many people think copy-editing is largely a matter of checking spelling, punctuation and grammar.

These are basic, of course, so if you are vague about grammar, unsure how to punctuate or weak on spellings, this is not the job for you. LUCIA ORTH is the author of the debut novel, Baby Jesus Pawn Shop, which received critical acclaim from Publisher’s Weekly, NPR, Booklist, Library Journal and Small Press Reviews.I have edited a number of essays and articles for Orth.

Read more. Editing is the process of selecting and preparing written, visual, audible, and film media used to convey information.

Editing services

The editing process can involve correction, condensation, organization, and many other modifications performed with an intention of producing a correct, consistent, accurate and complete work. Affordable Proofreading & Editing Services From Freelance Proofreaders & Writing Experts. Fast Service Delivery Guaranteed.

A copy edit will ensure your text is polished to publishing-industry standards, affording you the same level of professional presentation as a traditionally published book (see our quality guarantee).The editor will carefully read your manuscript to identify and correct any errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Three cents per word.

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