An analysis of gary sotos use of literary devices

I started with conflict in order to guide students through analyzing the plot of "Seventh Grade. Then we moved into analyzing the exposition. What setting is established in the exposition?

An analysis of gary sotos use of literary devices

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Much like his literary predecessors, Gary Soto deals with his own confrontation with the inner conscience after committing an act that he considers sinful.

To begin with, Soto thoroughly describes his feelings before and during the process of stealing the pie through metaphors and allusion. This metaphor indicates that deep within his conscience, Soto struggles between his strict morals and his wild impulse to steal.

Soto emphasizes his guilty conscience by commenting on the biblical allusion of Eve and the snake. Soto draws a connection between the apple the snake offers to Eve and the stolen apple pie.

The allusion dramatizes the event from a petty theft to a sin that changed the fate of mankind. This comparison reflects the seriousness with which Soto views his crime and the consequences that can result from it.

Furthermore, Soto employs the full use of motifs throughout the passage in order to stress his mentality after committing the crime. One such example is the repeated description of the deliciousness of the apple pie, which sharply contrasts with the sinful means with which the author obtained it.

Soto enjoys delicious taste of the pie and floats in a cloud of delight that will soon disperse. Soto demonstrates his superior writing techniques in achieving his purpose by the utilization of metaphor, allusion, and motif.

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In teaching a valuable lesson, the passage also serves as a guide to all those who lose their way on the path to the perfection of the soul.

More essays like this:Gary Soto born Discovering Writing Gary Soto was planning to study geography in college. Then, while browsing in the poetry section of his school library, he discovered a collection of modern poetry. “I thought, wow, wow, wow,” Soto recalls.

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“I wanted to do this thing.” Poetry of His Own Soto published his fi rst book of poetry in Literary Analysis on Gary Soto’s “The Pie” Essay Sample. Prominent American authors such as Mark Twain, Jonathan Edwards, and Nathan Hawthorne extensively emphasize in their works the role guilt plays in a person’s conscience and society.

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Jun 12,  · Analysis on Gary Soto's Literary Styles Gary Soto, American poet and novelist was born in Fresno, California in His parents were working 4/4(87). 4 Jan Beginning to end, Sotos autobiographical narrative exhibits sensational use of a plethora of literary devices.

Imagery, contrast, and repetition The Use of Literary Elements Throughout Gary Sotos. Soto channels symbolism and imagery through similes and personification to portray the simplicity of childhood and its deterioration as one approaches adulthood.

An analysis of gary sotos use of literary devices

Literary Devices in Doubleday Dell Books for Young Readers, Print. "Summer Life: Gary Soto." Photograph.

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