A discussion on the benefits of apple donating its computers for classrooms

I really had something totally different planned for this article. Today begins the third year of View from the Classroom columns. That all came to a screeching halt last week when I got a call from a fellow teacher saying our principal had asked her to "get all your Mac buddies together" and to have them write him a letter about why they want Macs instead of PCs in their classrooms. I made the thirty mile drive to school Monday morning, arriving just as the summer school students were going out the door.

A discussion on the benefits of apple donating its computers for classrooms

By Ramona Emerson During an internal Apple meeting celebrating the company's stellar fourth quarter, CEO Tim Cook reportedly offered a rare glimpse at charitable donations by Apple, one of the world's most valuable companies, yet one that hasn't developed a reputation for philanthropy.

Apple and its executives haven't gained notoriety for their charitable giving. Dealbook wrote last summer, several days after Steve Jobs had resigned from his position as CEO, that "there is no public record of Mr.

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Jobs giving money to charity. Cook seems to be making attempts to make Apple a more charitable corporation. In January, Cook released Apple's supplier list for the first time ever, demonstrating what seems to be a push towards more transparency on the company's part.

At the same time, Cook admitted that an audit of Apple's suppliers had uncovered a number of violations including six instances of underage labor. Cook told Reuters, "All of this means that workers will be treated better and better with each passing year.

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It's not something we feel like we have done what we can do, much remains to be done. According to Reuters, the email read in part, "What we will not do -- and never have done -- is stand still or turn a blind eye to problems in our supply chain [.Oct 08,  · Classroom Computers, Another Legacy Of Steve Jobs Apple helped pioneer the use of computers in schools back in the s with the graphical interface of the Macintosh.

These days, it's the iPad. Conversely, since the debut of its first generation in , Apple’s tablet, iPad, has been introduced into K classrooms more widely and speedily than any other previous computing device such as desktops or .

Sep 07,  · Apple stays in school, donating 54, iPads to students and teachers. There, CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple is donating an iPad and .

More teachers are finding the connection with computers one that enhances and benefits students' learning and expands knowledge; however, teachers must supervise all computer use in order to achieve the greatest educational benefits.

Benefits of Computers in the Classroom. Using Technology in Primary Classrooms;.

A discussion on the benefits of apple donating its computers for classrooms

Feb 03,  · Exxon, Apple's closest rival for the top slot as the world's most valuable company, was named one of the top ten "most charitable companies in America" and donated $,, in Oct 24,  · In this Aug.

23, photo, a student unpacks her new iPad at Burlington High School in Burlington, Mass. Burlington is giving iPads this year to every one of its 1,plus high school students.

A discussion on the benefits of apple donating its computers for classrooms
Apple Customers Donate Thousands of iPads to Teachers